Don’t mess with “Big Gay”: you may lose everything

Disagree with “Big Gay” and you may lose everything, including your business. And pay huge fines that could well bankrupt you: just ask Aaron and Melissa Klein, one time owners of “Sweet Cakes by Melissa.”

Their great crime that caused them to pay $135,000 in fines and shut down their bakery business? They declined to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians because of their sincerely held religious beliefs against so-called “same sex marriage.” And this brought down the full wrath of the LGBTQ Nazi/Fascist’s wrath upon their lives. You know, the “tolerant” ones that demand acceptance from everyone for their beliefs and lifestyles but refuse to return the favor:

Bakers Fined $135K Over Wedding Cake Appeal to Supreme Court

Where was the “tolerance” for this Christian couple for their religious beliefs?  Why did these two lesbians bring this action against them that resulted in the loss of their business and debilitating fines?  Aren’t members of the LGBTQ community “tolerant” and “accepting” of others?  Isn’t tolerance and acceptance what they preach?  You know, the rainbow flag…all colors are united in one big “love wins,” right?

Oh, well, not if you are a Christian or hold to such antiquated and “hateful” beliefs like “marriage is between a man and a woman.”  Heaven forbid!  Such ilk are haters and bigots and should be driven into the same closet that the LGBTQ Nazi/Fascists just recently exited in all their perverse glory.

The hypocrisy and nauseating standards of these hypocrites are legendary, but few, if any, speak out against them because of the understandable fear that getting on the bad side of “Big Gay” may just ruin your life.

Just ask the Kleins.