The hypocrisy of Democrats and their LGBTQ allies

I do not believe I’m being controversial when I write that the Democratic Party considers themselves champions of LGBTQ issues and everything they believe.

For example, “tolerance” and “inclusion” are two main prongs of the LGBTQ ideology, correct? Certainly.

But this is all a lie, a smokescreen they hide behind to dupe the American people into accepting their myriads of perversions and anti-Christ beliefs and teachings. In reality—and this is critical—the new Democrats and their LGBTQ support system are among the greatest hypocrites operating on the world scene.

No further evidence of this is needed than what is happening with the Kavanaugh nomination and the circus swirling around it. Where is the “tolerance” for Judge Kavanaugh’s beliefs? Where is the appeal to “fairness” while these allegations are steamrolling over him?

In truth, we are witnessing what the very core of so-called LGBTQ “rights” truly represent: “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “inclusion” ONLY if you walk in lock-step with their perverse ideology. Any whiff of disagreement or dissent will be met with a crushing stomp of the totalitarian, fascist boots these people wear.

It is the Nazi Party resurrected and wrapped in the rainbow flag.

Everyone should read the “Pink Swastika,” an eye-opening book which details the unmistakeable link between Hitler’s Third Reich and homosexuality: